Welcome to the Jing Ai Club YOGA LAB!

Our YOGA LAB offers classes for anyone from beginners to advanced Yogi’s. It is worth pointing out that Yoga is a practice of awareness and presence. It’s only important to focus on the breath (through your nose) and to feel the sensation of the pose in your body. There is no reason to compare yourself to others or to force your body into a pose. Before you start practicing, please consult a doctor for medical advice and read our Imprint. Namaste!

Yoga Based Warm-up

These classes are designed to be a warm-up for your favorite sports. Therefore, these classes can be practiced right before you start your practice or workout. We focus on warming up or joints, tissues, fascia lines, muscles and mind, so you are ready for your favorite sports. Our goal is to inspire more athletes and humans to add a yoga practice to their routine and keep them present & pain-free. This series will be extended continuously. Feel free to request warm-ups for your sports!

25 Minutes Yoga Based Warm-up for Cyclists

25 Minutes Yoga Based Warm-up for Surfers

Vinyasa Yoga Classes

The Yoga philosophy of Jing Ai Club’s own Yoga Lab is based on the style of Vinyasa flows. These flows will built strength and awareness but simultaneous also increase flexibility and mindfulness. For our mind and body, balance is of highest importance. Thus, all vinyasa flows built strength and flexibility.

We believe that flexibility in the body equals freedom for the mind. Our mantra for all classes and for the practice off-the-mat is “Treat your body and your mind with respect and love”.

If you like our classes, please share them with your family and friends. Together, we can start the mindfulness & health journey for everyone willing to improve themselves beyond their imagination.

Advanced and Strong Vinyasa Flow Class Inspired by Surfers

30 Minutes Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Restorative Yoga Classes

Balance is the key to a harmonious and peaceful life. Thus, we can’t always go hard. It’s also important to slow down and give the body and mind time to rest. Rest-Days are designed in a way to restore the body and boost healing. Thus, we are often feel fitter after a rest day. We recommend doing 1-2 rest days a week, during which you can move the body, but should not push yourself. Long meditations, breath exercises, walks, or a chill yoga practice like Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga are perfect for Rest-Days. Additionally, Restorative Yoga will help you to slow and ground down and boost flexibility due to long holds. Restorative Yoga requires no strength.