About us

The Jing Ai Endurance & Meditation Club was founded in Spring of 2020 during the first COVID-wave in Europe. During this time, it seemed that the world is standing still. Everything has slowed down and the pandemic gave us the opportunity to take a step back and analyze what we are doing and how we are feeling. Suddenly, we had much more time as restaurants were closed and most of the work was remote. This was the chance to allocate more time towards personal growth and self-discovery. Like many, we felt disconnected from ourselves. Through endurance and meditation, we discovered a way to be more connected with our true selfs and started the journey of self-discovery. While the journey might never end, the Club was founded to document this journey and help others on their path.

We believe in Endurance and Meditation because it forces you to deal with yourself and your feelings. If you are on a two-hour bike ride or run, there might be phases of discomfort or moments when you want to stop but during this time you are disconnected from everything else except your mind and the nature. This gives you time to think and reflect, which is the first step of living in harmony. Meditation is very similar, but the effects or mostly mental and spiritual. Sitting with yourself in stillness might be the hardest thing, you have ever done. When sitting and meditating, the mind can get very loud and the thoughts distract you. Meditation helps us to be aware, be in the present and be more calm. These two practices in combination will help you to restore your inner balance.

Additionally, we recommend a Yoga practice, as Yoga has many benefits we experience in endurance and meditation. Furthermore, a solid Yoga practice can improve your performance in other sports while simultaneously helps you to be healthy and injury-free. Thus, we established the Jing Ai Club YOGA LAB. With the YOGA LAB we can share classes with you and hope to inspire you to step on the mat to practice, meditate and be connected to your true self (of start the journey of finding that connection).

Finally, we want to note, that consistency, dedication and balance are crucial on the journey. Take the time to invest in yourself! We hope you can expand our mindset to your work and your personal life. Keep a balance, invest healthy food & habits and in yourself! We promise, you won’t regret it.